Create shows with
your community

Use PYXIE to engage your community and get involved in your formats for social, web or broadcaster channels.

Simple, intuitive, cost competitive and software only

What you can do with PYXIE

What you can do with Pyxie

1:1 Show

Perfect for one camera contribution, like interview or live

More cameras

Engage your audience with more cameras

Big Show

Live show with post production and director

How PYXIE works

Use PYXIE web app to technically define:
where, how, when
, and how many users involve in your production

Use Mosaico to manage your live stream

PYXIE mobile app gets your community involved

Use PYXIE web app to manage the feeds in real time

Share them with post production systems
(Avid©, Adobe Premiere Pro©)

Take advantage in automatic multi-camera editing system

Community engagement & content creator simple workflow

For the event owner

Generate the coupon from the PYXIE Web App

Manage  the material you receive in the web app in contribution or live mode

Choose the content you prefer for both live streaming and editing content

For the community

Download PYXIE App  enter the coupon and start participating

The Web App is the heart of PYXIE

The Web App has a dual functionality. In the first phase it is used to technically define all the characteristics fan event:
number of users, event geo-location, date, recording quality and live streaming quality, GDPR and terms and conditions.
In the second phase it is used to manage the material through filters, based on the geo-location of the clips, name of users or the time of creation of the clips.

Once the clips have been selected, you can choose to use the multi-camera editing automatically or finalize it in professional editing systems.

Mosaico is PYXIE's control room

Mosaico receives streams arriving from PYXIE mobile app over WebRTC protocol and simultaneously receives any feed over RTMP protocol.
From PYXIE Mosaico it is possible to route clean feed to professional directors or to share the project with vMix.

In PYXIE Mosaico it is also possible to have remote control of the mobile app, manage the audio channels separately, and create a mixed live stream to broadcast on Web, Social, Broadcaster channels.

PYXIE mobile app is the tool for the community

Users participate in events! Everyone is part of the crew of the show

Inherits all technical features defined in the design phase of the event, so the user doesn't have to do anything other than participate

Is able to shoot content in contributor mode and simultaneously broadcast in live streaming, manage the material shot, and upload content from user's photo gallery

Android version has support for external video sources, professional camcorder, and cameras

Allows generating Shows to be shared with friends in automatic editing multi-camera mode

Download PYXIE mobile app for IOS and Android

PYXIE video external source from any HDMI output

Any video source can be synchronised to the PYXIE event!
This feature* allows material from the HDMI input to be recorded on mobile app and simultaneously streamed (Rtmp/WebRTC) using the wifi connection or the data sim card in the phone.

You can use professional camcorders rather than cameras, but also video outputs from computers for video gamers or video streams from any source.

*Allowed only for the Android Mobile App. Supported phone devices:
Samsung Galaxy A52s, Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

PYXIE Local maximizes platform performance in case of poor connectivity

Is the ideal solution for shows, events, meetings and sports hosted in low connection locations

Is an environment that allows you to locally manage all video sources in both streaming and contribution mode

Connects your community with the outside to receive content from anywhere

Pay per use pricing

The price of the platform includes full usage, and refers to cloud storage, computing, streaming per hour of usage on AWS cloud

Pleasure to work with

and more