Enable people to
record  collective
as never before.

Collaborate and create videos with your employees, communities, fans and customers at scale - powered by smartphone cameras.

Why choose Pyxie

We capture together your event to create together your content.

Software-only solution

No extra hardware both on-premise and on-field

Cloud-based storage


Event-centric workflow

Event-to-content solution

Planning and metadata management

Collaborative in-app editing

Multi-format export

Live streaming or play-out delivery

Effortless collaboration

At-your-fingertips remote contribution

Enable mobile devices as virtual multi-cameras

Geolocation and metadata attachment

Create your event
Create your story

With Pyxie you can easily create an event of your own.
Just create an event, choose the video orientation, invite your friends and shoot the video directly from the app.
Easy as it seems.

Create an event

Choose video orientation

Invite friends

Shoot videos

Attend your friend's event

Insert the coupon or just scan the QR code to film your new project together.

Insert the coupon or Scan QR code

Join the live

Film together

Upload & share with everyone

Select your favourite frames and launch the editing!
and share it with all your friends.

Select from gallery

Upload your videos

Start the editing

Save and share

To connect to an event, either live or as an off-line contributor

Use "Start Experience" and try the free trial product. Create an event. Choose how to shoot it and invite a friend to shoot with you, use the trim to choose the best material. Upload videos to the cloud. Use the "Start editing" option to have your own multi-camera stories on your phone to share later on socials.

Live contributor:
Insert the coupon or use the QR code reader in "Join with coupon" setting to participate in a live event. Select "Live" button and you are on air.

To create, locate, manage events, users, files, audio-video quality (MAM)

Create your editorial staff's product. Open endless geo localized events and invite your journalists and users. Define to have mixed Live and Off Line events. Give your collaborators the opportunity to create events and invite other users by displaying the content of geolocalized people. Use a real online control room to coordinate your live broadcast, web or social channels. Share your event via XML with post production media, perfectly synchronized to the frame. Use automatic editing to quickly preview feeds to share.

To manage your set remotely in real-time.

Manage your interviews, your guests in real-time and add audio-video resources

Use Pyxie Mosaic, a real monitor wall where you can let your guests interact and at the same time obtain the individual video feeds for your video control room to manage your live broadcasts for the web or for broadcasters. Using Pyxie App for your live video, you'll have a latency of fewer than 0.5 seconds on the rtmp protocol. You can use Pyxie's servers, or you can configure and use your own servers.

Request a free demo.

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